Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ranger Rick's Adventures

Spring has sprung in Deep Green Wood! Ranger Rick Raccoon and Scarlett Fox are waiting for Sammy Squirrel to arrive so they can start their vacation. They're heading to Canada's boreal (BOR-ee-ul) forest for a long camping trip.

Flocks of songbirds are moving through Deep Green Wood. They're on their way north for the summer nesting season.

Wally explains that he and millions of other songbirds fly all the way from South America to spend the nesting season in Canada. Then they fly south again for the winter.

Wally tells the gang that boreal forest trees are being cut down mostly to make paper towels, tissues, and other paper products.

The next morning, the friends go birdwatching.

Things aren't looking good for Wally and Wendy's eggs. But wait …

The animals run to safety. But they know Wally and Wendy's nest can never be truly safe. Unless …

* The boreal, or northern, forest circles the top of the Earth like a "green halo." (Go to nwf.org/ rangerrick to see a map.) Many different species (kinds) of animals live in the boreal forest, from wolves to warblers to woodland caribou.

* An area of boreal forest almost as big as Connecticut is cut down EVERY YEAR to make wood and paper products. The United States uses more of this wood and paper than any other nation.

* The National Wildlife Federation and other groups are joining together to try and save the boreal forest. To find out more, check out borealbirds.orgwww.borealforest.org, and nwf.org/migratorybirds.

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